Top 18 Annoying Habits Video Gamers Have Part 1 of 4

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1.  The Gloating Whiner (Winner): These gamers are the opposite of the sore loser, this person's vocal noise starts shortly after the game is finished.  The main difference with them is that it happens after a victory, not a loss, which makes this person different on a whole new level.  The person won't shut up with the gloating, so your only options are to either turn off the speakers or patiently bear with the dumba** and hope to crush this idiot on the next round and put the person back in their place as a "Whiner."

2.  The Genius Brilliant Try Harder:  This person isn't all that bad, it's just we don't need them to constantly voice their Sun Tzu military strategy during the game.  The Try Harder has been around the block and perhaps know a thing or none when it comes to shooter games, but sometimes the situation doesn't fit their keen perceptional input during the game.  We don't like getting chastised by them just because we did't follow their brilliant strategy.  To this type of gamer, we at Gyoppa Gamer Online say, "Just take a chill pill and relax, it's only a video game, not real life like brushing our teeth.

3.  The Glory Hound Saboteur:  This type of person hates it when other players get the glory or action cam replay views, cause they need to be the one that gets all that.  So, this type of saboteur spoilsport shitsack will do anything and everything to sabotage the team.  Friendly fire, going solo, turning off the microphone, setting the microphone to create echo reverb feedback noises, leaving the fight at a critical moment, you name it, they've done it or will do it.  It's inevitable.  If they are physically next to you in the same room, that person will use distractions, pause the game, turn off the monitor, reset the PC or console, knock the controller out of your hands or even try to uppercut or jab you physically.  A true Hallmark of a sore loser and ​spoilsport.  That's why we at Gyoppa Gamer Online want to knock that person unconscious and duct tape them to the ceiling.

4.  The 007:  This type of player loves to go "Golgo 13" on their own personal missions of glory during multiplayer or coop sessions.  They said they could be relied upon to help the team win, but going solo and leaving the team is being reliable?  They don't seem to know what the word multiplayer and team means.  Multiplayer/Coop and Solo are two different meanings.  You began the game thinking that you both were a team fighting against the zombie hordes, yet found yourself alone and dead because no one had your back.  That's because your reliable friend used you as zombie bait so they could go off somewhere else on the map to get all the bonuses, powerups, equipment enhancements, and complete all the side missions.  With 007, there is not team, only their own fight and personal glorious missions.

5.  The Sensitive Gamer:  This game gets overly emotional and hyped up.  Hey we understand.  Even the best of us have gotten upset and frustrated after dying and having to restart from the beginning.  We've all done a rage quit, at least once.  Most mentally stable gamers take that as a fact of life, Gyoppa Gamer's included.  Not Mr. Sensitive.  That player will go off on the game and go into berserk rage, destroying their furnitures, monitors and game systems.  It's funny to watch.  The Sensitive Gamer gets angry, yells, screams, and curses using violent arm sign language, just because they died or lost a match.  I will be the first to admit as the Supreme Gyoppa Gamer, I've done that in a few games like League of Legends, but that is a tale for another time.  On the flip side of Sensitive Gamer, that person will cry and seem to be acting out a sad scene from a Korean drama.  In this case, calm them and take that friend to a Korean Restaurant and buy them some Bulgogi.  Then have them watch the Korean drama, "Descendents of the Sun."  

Well, this ends Part 1 of 4, of the "Top 18 Annoying Habits of Video Gamers."  Look for Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.  Please comment below on what you thought about this review and leave helpful tips to make future reviews better for you.  If you liked this post, please subscribe to our website.  We love doing this kind of stuff and it will make us feel better while we drink coffee. This content was first published at https://www.gyoppagamer.online.  Anywhere else is a blatant copy.  I am the nation's 1st Gyoppa Gamer Online (South Korea) and by default the Supreme Noob at Gyoppa Gamer Online.  No bits or bytes were harmed writing this post.  Because you asked for it, we did it.  Check out our Official Gyoppa Gamer Online Youtube Channel for videos. See you on the next post.

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I am a full time editor with Gyoppa Gamer Online. In my spare time I love to watch Korean Dramas and eat Korean Foods. My hobby is planning and taking trips throughout Asia, Gangnam Style! Gyoppa Gamer! GG!
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Gyoppa Gamer Online

I am a full time editor with Gyoppa Gamer Online. In my spare time I love to watch Korean Dramas and eat Korean Foods. My hobby is planning and taking trips throughout Asia, Gangnam Style! Gyoppa Gamer! GG!

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