Top 18 Annoying Habits Video Gamers Have Part 4 of 4

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14.  The Spoiler of Spoilers: We've had this happen to us at one time. We wish for a sequel of a game to come and, and anticipating an announcement any hour.  Well we get one, but it's from a troll who creates a trailer using the first original game content.  The fake trailer is mass uploaded to youtube and you happen to chance across it and view it with excitement.  F**k yeah! Its about time you think to yourself, damn straight skippy! Then you realize its a fake trailer. Another crappy a$$ move on these trolls who are farting through their a$$.  Or these trolls release the actual game contents, the twist and ending for you.  Well you are now pi$$ed cause you had spent $59.99 on the game and anticipating for the weekend to play it.  With the spoiler spilled and spoiled, what fun is it knowing how the game ends?

15.  The Brand Enthusiast: This type of gamer loves everything about a particular brand.  They see it as perfection, something the Borg Queen can faintly hope to achieve.  They have on their shelf at home every video game developed, and every merchandise available from the brand.  As a Gyoppa Gamer, I understand their connoisseur attitude.  Fine video games need their own shelf for display.  They believe this product is the solution to peace in the world and will bring war to an end as long as everyone gets the product.  They believe this product is what will bring all the peoples of the nations together in harmony.  They swear they want to be buried with all these products when they die. WTF?   Yah?!? Noh Mi Chuh Suh?!?  (Korean Translation: You Must Be Crazy?!?)  These gamers must be from another universe.

16.  The Complainer: This type of gamer complains and finds fault with everything in the video game.  You give them cheese with that whine for their birthday.  They complain about every aspect of the game, from the difficulty, voice talent, packaging, colors used in the game, and even the number of letters in the title of the game.  In reality, the gamer just sucks at the game, but they haven't acknowledged that in reality since they are in mental denial.  But Gyoppa Gamer knows that.  That's all that matters, boo hoo.

17.  The Low Comfort Zone Level Gamer: This type of gamer seems like any other normal gamer.  Until you see that they only seem to play only one particular game over and over again set to "don't hurt me cause I will tell mommy" difficulty.  They don't play another types of games except this one game because they have completed it at that setting.  Because of that, they believe they are the god of this video game.  And that's all they keep playing because they know every trick, secret, code, map area, bonuses, and missions in the game.  They believe they are one of the best if not the best at the game because of it.  This also brings a lot of trash talking, and trolling when you play the game with him.  He starts going off on solo missions leaving you alone because you won't listen to his genius Sun Tzu strategy.

18.  The Hog: This type of gamer just wants you to sit back and watch how the game should really be played by an expert.  Never mind that fact you may have contributed financially to getting the game having to sleep in a sleeping bag outside the store to get the video game.  And you are the only one that has a job amongst yourselves.  The game stays inside their console or pc, all day and all night cause they have to play it.  Sharing the video game is not even a notion at this point cause they need to master the game. For the next two weeks or so, that's all they play and talk about.  You won't get a chance to play this until they have the game beaten on easy, medium, and hard mode.

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I am a full time editor with Gyoppa Gamer Online. In my spare time I love to watch Korean Dramas and eat Korean Foods. My hobby is planning and taking trips throughout Asia, Gangnam Style! Gyoppa Gamer! GG!
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I am a full time editor with Gyoppa Gamer Online. In my spare time I love to watch Korean Dramas and eat Korean Foods. My hobby is planning and taking trips throughout Asia, Gangnam Style! Gyoppa Gamer! GG!

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